Our lives are filled with processes that we can perfectly control, like setting the temperature of a shower or buying the food we need in a shop. Yet we often forget that the world is dominated by wild and barely controllable processes — from supernovas to biological evolution and even the gyrations of financial markets.

As a philosopher of science I seek to prod the boundaries of what we understand, and of what we can understand, about natural processes. Our natural, domesticated intuitions are often pretty bad when it comes to understanding many vast processes in the universe.  I analyze scientific concepts to come to a clearer understanding of them. However, an important part of what I do is synthesis, integrating different scientific domains. The hope is to attain new answers for old philosophical questions, such as where do we come from, are we accidents in the universe?

This interest has led me to my three main projects at the moment: understanding evolutionary history as a whole, understanding the phenomenon of human evolutionary success, and analyzing how precisely forces such as evolutionary forces or market forces arise.

Thus I primarily work in philosophy of biology, philosophy of human evolution, and general philosophy of science. I have further interests in meta-ethics and bioethics (see ‘research projects’).