1. Monographs
[1] (under contract) Monogamy: Evolution, Power, and Morality. Antwerp: Polis

2. Edited Books
[2] (under contract) Human Success: Evolutionary Origins and Ethical Implications. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (With Grant Ramsey.)

[3] (under contract) Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology: Patterns. Sciences: Sciences humaines et sociales. London: Wiley. (With Philippe Huneman.)

3. Peer-reviewed Articles
[4] (2019) Shades of Grey: Granularity, Pragmatics, and Non-Causal Explanation. Perspectives on Science.(pdf)

[5] (2018) Natural Selection, Plasticity, and the Rationale for Largest-Scale Trends. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science C. DOI: 10.1016/j.shpsc.2018.04.002. (pdf)

[6] (2018) Natural Selection: Deriving Causality from Stable Equilibrium. Erkenntnis. DOI: 10.1007/s10670-017-9889-z. (pdf)

[7] (2017) Symmetry breaking and the emergence of path-dependence. Synthese. DOI: 10.1007/s11229-016-1130-0.(pdf)

4. Book Chapters
[8] (forthcoming) The Ontology of Organismic Agency: A Kantian Approach. In: Altobrando, A., Biasetti, P., Natural Born Monads: On the Metaphysics of Organisms and Human Individuals. Berlin: De Gruyter. (With Philippe Huneman.) (pdf)

[9] (forthcoming) Generalized Evolutionary Success and Human Evolution: An Overview. In: Desmond, H., & Ramsey, G. (eds), Human Success: Evolutionary Origins and Ethical Implications, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

5. Reference Works
[10] (2017) Philosophy of Biology. Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (With Grant Ramsey.)

6. Media pieces
[11] (2018) It’s not a coincidence that monogamous marriage is a huge success (Het monogaam huwelijk is niet toevallig een enorm success) De Standaard (June 28, 2018) URL: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20180627_03586481

[12] (2017) Why scientific research increasingly resembles Tinder (Hoe wetenschappelijk onderzoek steeds meer op Tinder lijkt) Knack (May 26, 2017) URL: http://www.knack.be/nieuws/belgie/hoe-wetenschappelijk-onderzoek-steeds- meer-op-tinder-lijkt/article-opinion-857859.html

[13] (2017) Evolution: a big mess? Campuskrant KU Leuven. URL: https://nieuws.kuleuven.be/nl/campuskrant/1617/06/de-evolutie–een-zootje-geregeld

7. Under Review
[14] Should Scientists be liable for misconduct? Comparing Science and the Professions  (With Kris Dierickx.)

8. In Preparation
[15] Nonlinearity and the Fundamental Limit of Interventionism

[16] (book manuscript) Life’s Plot: Contingencies and Symmetries in Evolutionary History.

[17] Cognitive Enhancement and Mental Disorder: A New Evolutionary Account. (with Andreas De Block.)

[18] Delimiting the Selective Environment. (with Grant Ramsey.)

[19] Three approaches to environmental heterogeneity. For special issue ‘Conceptualizing the Environment in the Natural Sciences’, Biological Theory