I am philosopher of science, primarily working in philosophy of biology, general philosophy of science, and philosophy of human evolution. I have further research interests in philosophy of history, philosophy of mind, naturalized ethics, and continental metaphysics.

Before coming to philosophy, I did a degree in mathematical physics at the KULeuven. I have moved towards biology since, but retain a philosophical interest in the physics of complex systems.

I’m also a musician, having combined my university education with violin studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and Conservatoire National Supérieure de Musique de Paris. Academia and family life have necessarily curtailed my musical activities somewhat, but I still give concerts with various Flemish chamber music groups, including ‘t Frascati, Drij Coppen, and Doppio Stile. With the Doppio Stile, a collaboration with fellow musician-philosophy Waldo Geuns, I regularly give lecture-recitals on music, science, and philosophy.